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Lancaster's View on Analyticity
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Quine in  dismissing the 
analytic/synthetic distinction, and so I can't see much  point in our 
my allegation (which was not that attributions of  analyticity are synthetic 
but rather that they are not all  analytic).

What this reminds me, too, is a reference I once came across in G. R.  
Sampson's book on semantics (not that I loved the book, but found it in _the_  only 
philosophical bookshop in a city I was staying, and bought it!). Sampson  --he 
was teaching in Lancaster then, I believe) refers to a Master's thesis on  
'analyticity'. Elsewhere I have repeated his excellent examples. I believe there 
 were six of them, along the lines:
Spring follows Winter.
I have used those examples in some of my classes (at the Swimming-Pool  
Library) to some jocular results. Sampson cites from the author of the  
dissertation. Apparently, he or she conducted the research very carefully, with  
observational constraints, etc. I forget what conclusions they reached.
But it may relate to R. B. Jones's and D. Frederick's ideas of grasping  "the 
It's not just 
"What is analytic to me may not be analytic to you" (or 'Tit for Tat', as I  
but that, as rational beings, we are still able to conceptualise:
"This _is_ analytic-to-you, I see it; at least today".
There is this idea, that 'analytic' means 'dissolvent'. The recently  
inaugurated president of the U. S. A., in a sentence meaning to be provocative,  I 
hope, during his inauguration speech, said, x, to the effect:
   "You shall be accountable for what you construct, not for what  you 
I shuddered to think! I mean, there we are, analytics -- or analytic  
philosophers -- _always_ dissolving pseudo-problems into Moorean trifles. Not in  
vain Austin was heard (by Grice) to say,
"Some like Witters, but _Moore_'s my man"

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