[hist-analytic] "It is not a revolt, it is a revolution"

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The Futilitarian Turn 
I _do_ think Grice does use 'revolution' in "Life and Opinions of Paul  
Grice" but I'd need to check. In any case, I thought there _was_ a book by  someone 
called "The linguistic revolution", but apparently there isn't. I was  
provoked to find more about this vis a vis our discussion of Lakatos and  
Three notes on 'revolution' in the OED may amuse:
1685 EVELYN Diary 22 May, 
I chanced to pass just as execution was doing on Oates. A strange  

1837 CARLYLE Fr. Rev. V. vii. (1872) I. 174 
‘Sire’, answered Liancourt, ‘it is not a revolt, it is a  revolution’.

1892 Speaker 3 Sept. 278/1 
In Uruguay it is said that revolution is kept down only by the  army.

---- O. T. O. H., there's Rorty and his 'linguistic turn'. Now, re-reading  
his thing, I note he is borrowing the 'coinage' (he calls it) from Gustav  
Spare-me-them-English-futilitarians Bergmann, p. 177 of his 1964 book published  
by University of Wisconsin Press at Madison, "Logic and Reality".
Bergmann, "the movement is futilitarian". "the futility and the  
In this case, apparently not a coinage:
1827 SOUTHEY in C. C. Southey Life & Corr. V. 290 
If the Utilitarians would reason and write like you, they would no longer  
deserve to be called Futilitarians. 
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