[hist-analytic] The History of Analytic *Meta-*Philosophy!

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A lot depends on what you  take philosophy to be. 
This area of interest is sometimes called,  inappropriately, 

--- I too agree:  inappropriately.

A. Marsoobian (whom I met) edits the Metaphilosophy for  Blackwell.

The phrase is ambiguous, perhaps in a good way, in that it  could include, in 

-- psychological/sociological views on what  philosophy is.

The prefix 'meta-' is of course Greek, but we never know  what Aristotelians 
meant by that ('ta meta ta physika' the things beyond the  physical things, or 
as my tutor preferred, 'them books next to the physics  books'?). Russell 
does use 'meta-language' as 'language of language', so in that  sense, 
'metaphilosophy' would be 'philosophy of philosophy'. God  knows!

But metaphilosophical considerations of analytic philosophy does  not sound 
_so_ bad!



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