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confessions as to what a 'research group' needs in  terms of the processes 
brought about by the analysis of the language the group  employs.

Roger (and all others, of  course),


Must say I loved Roger stating:

>To  understand perception, we need extra-ordinary language.

I _must_ find how  Cicero would say that in Latin!

But more seriously, in Bayne's pages,  there's by courtesy of Aristotelian 
Society that big great paper by Grice,  "Causal Theory of Perception". Omitting 
the excursus on implicature, Grice gets  serious about perception in Part III, 

But what he says will not  convince Snowdon (apparently the only serious 
philosopher taking Grice seriously  then).

Grice is concerned with the 'causal link' between the sense-datum  and 
whatever triggered the sense-datum. Fortunately, that bit did get reprinted  in WOW 
(he thought the excursus would be redundant vis a vis "Logic and  
Conversation"). He writes to the effect:

the philosopher just needs a  _filler_: something that states that there _is_ 
a causal link. He should not go  into details.

If this is accepted (i.e. that philosophy of perception is  different from 
_science_ of perception) then I'd like to be illuminated as to  what other 
extra-ordinary language we need!

I find 'sense-datum' pretty  extra-ordinary myself! Not to mention 

Bayne was wondering  about a compilation. Good ordinary-language philosophy 
compilation is of course  Chappell. But who else did take the expression 
'ordinary language' seriously? I  don't think Austin did. It was, like "Oxford 
philosophy", or 'linguistic  philosophy' more of a publicity label. And I'm sure 
that those dons _loved_ to  hear what the previous generation (Hardie, etc.) or 
the extramurals were saying  about them! I know _I_ would, time permitting!


J. L.  

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