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Same way with  Austin.
Austin's ideas on performatives and constatives; his changing  views
on these matters, and his careful dissection of the speech act
has  led to some good insights, 


I was doing this thing on  'analytic philosophy' history and came across this 
quote on the Royaumont (sp?)  colloquium, where Anglos and French 
philosophers talked passed their noses if  that's the expression.

But the evolution in Austin that Bayne notes is  mighty interesting.

I was very amused by the details of it all. When  Warnock included 
"Performative Utterances" in Philosophical Papers, he discussed  the thing with Urmson, 
and perhaps had talked about it with Austin himself.  Apparently this was a 
lecture to be delivered in French.

By that time,  Austin had already changed completely his views on 
performatives and had arrived  at the conclusion that _all_ speech acts had a 
performative side to it ("I  hereby state that the moon is made of cheese"). Yet, he 
uttered words to the  effect:

"That as it may be, I think the French may do well in digesting  this, my 
view -- I don't think they would be too prepared for my  "General Theory of
Speech Acts" if they didn't have a sprinkle of the  "Special Theory of the 

Apparently anybody who was  anybody (is this analytic?) in philosophy was 
there at  Royaumont...



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