[hist-analytic] A Chronology of 20th Century Analytic Philosophy

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In reply to S. J. Gimbel's post.
Excellent to have S. J. Gimbel's date added:
That would be! ...
1928. March 10. (6-7 pm) -- Vienna Hoch Strasse, 34. Brouwer gives a  lecture 
on "Mathematik, Wissenschaft, und Sprache" (now in P. M., OUP,  "foundations 
of mathematics in the 1920s". 
Gimbel does mention Witt... ("Witters" as L. M. Tapper calls him!)
And isn't this a small world. Aune has his delightful 'alumni' talk on  
Feigl, and I read down:
Approaches to Wittgenstein: Collected Papers - Google Books Result   
by Brian McGuinness - 2002 - Philosophy - 299 pages
But on one occasion  the eminent Dutch mathematician Brouwer gave a lecture 
at Vienna 
         and Waismann and Feigl  managed 
         to coax Wittgenstein  to join them at it. ...

The debate ensues as to whether Goedel _was_ in the room, or whether he  
wasn't? Can we prove a negative? Just teasing.
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