[hist-analytic] The Use of "Irreducible" in 20th Century Analytic Philosophy

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A checklist of the 59 entries for Broad in the OED.

I note one under  'irreducible' that inspires me this little dialogue 
('imaginary conversation')  between Julie Jack and H. P.  Grice

JACK: Wrong, I  say!
GRICE: Wrong  what?

(never second parts were so  good)

JACK: Your analysis of  meaning -- wrong?
GRICE:  Why!
JACK: It's (pronounced  smugly) _reductive_. We don't *do* 'reductive' at  
It impoverishes our experiences  _so_.
GRICE (in  silence)
JACK: there's some right  to it, too, though
GRICE (about to  speak)
JACK: But the wrongs outdo  the rights.
GRICE:  Why?
JACK: reductive --  reductionist.
GRICE. Hey madam,  Wait your second. My analysis may  be
reductive but it's _not_  reductionist.
JACK. Big  difference!
GRICE. Why, there  is.
JACK. There is  what?
GRICE: _a_ big difference,  to use your sobriquet.
JACK:  Explain!
GRICE. Do you have time  for a pint
JACK. Not really, but  if you must.

Grice coaxed Jack to the pub
(after a few  beers)

JACK. So you do say  it's not reductionist?
GRICE. But  no, madam. How could you possibly think that I'd  go
the whole non-Oxonian hog?
JACK:  So it's ... harmlessly ... 'reductive'  only.
GRICE: Exactly. And pretty  tidy too. 
JACK.  Meaning??
GRICE. Well, it's not  circular, like Witters's.
JACK:  Stop it! 
GRICE: it's a  non-circular 'analysis' which _is_  reductive
Jack raises  eye-brows:
GRICE: but not meant to  rest on reductionist  foundation.
JACK: Okay, give  me a kiss.

Readers may browse through other words used by Broad and  create their 
literary imaginary dialogues too.

I double check with Broad,  and must say his use of 'irreducible' is 
lukewarm. I thought he was going to say  the _mind_ is! But it's just what the 
temporal relations _really_ are!  As if I cared!

"                        The temporal relations..are really irreducibly 
BROAD, 1923, Scientific Thought, p.  368



categorial -- Mind & its Place, 1925 p.  21 
declare 1965  Broad in G. Cummins Swan on B  
descriptionist     1914  Perception 91   
disvalue 1925  -- Mind & its Place 50 
elanguescence 1933   Exam. McTaggart's Philo 
extrasomatic 1938 Exam. McTaggart's Philo  
extraspective 1925  Mind & its Place 3  
geo-     1923  Sci. Thought 457  
horatian  1925  Mind & its Place xi. 49 
inferrability      1914  Perception ii. 128 This 
intrapolation      1923  Sci. Thought xi. 428 Li 
introspectible 1925  Mind & its  Place ix. 41 
irreducible 1923  Sci. Thought x. 368 The 
limiting  1914  Perception i. 7 Qualiti 
lorentz      1923  Sci. Thought iv. 135 Th 
mahometanism, n.      1939  Philosophy 14 132 O 
mechanist 1925  Mind & its Place 43  One 
mechanistically 1925  Mind & its Place ii. 77 
memory  1925  Mind & its Place v. 233 
mind-brain 1925  Mind & its  Place 439 Th 
mnemic 1925  Mind & its Place viii.  
molar  1925  C. D. Broad Mind & its Place xiv. 6 
molecular 1925  C.  D. Broad Mind & its Place xiv. 6 
multiplicatively 1914  C. D. Broad  Perception iii. 180 The 
naïf 1914  C. D. Broad Perception i. 1 We  are  
neutral 1925  C. D. Broad Mind & its Place. xiv.   
non- 1925  C. D. Broad Mind & its Place xi. 48 
non-object  1914  C. D. Broad Perception i. 8 We must 
non-referential 1925  C.  D. Broad Mind & its Place vi. 30 
objectifiable,  adj.     1925  Mind & its Place vi. 30  
occasioning, adj.     1925  Mind & its Place  xii. 5 
opus magnum, n.     1952  Ethics & Hist.  Philos.  
parallelism, n.     1925  Mind &  its Place iii. 1 
parallelist 1925  Mind & its Place iii. 1  
perceptual, adj.     1925  Mind & its Place iv.  21 
percipient, n. and adj.     1938  Exam.  McTaggart's Philo 
phenomenalist, n. and adj.      1914  Perception 171 The phen 
pink, n.5 and  adj.2     1925 Mind & its Place iv. 14 
polyadic,  adj.     1918  Mind 27 284 A consi 
positional,  adj.     1923  Sci. Thought xi. 408 So  
presentedness, n.      philosophy of  C. D.  Broad) the awareness of this  
primeness, n.      1923  Sci. Thought ii. 75 We  
probability,  n.     1914  Perception ii. 150 The  
quasi-,  comb. form     1925  Mind & its Place iv. 21  
regularity     1925  Mind & its Place x. 457  
relationist, n. (and a.)     1923  Sci. Thought  iii. 89 Th 
relativist, n. (and a.)     1914   Perception v. 286 It is 
retro-, prefix     1962   Lect. Psychical Res. 40 
Russellian, a. and n.      1923  Sci. Thought xiii. 534  
sensal, a.      1938  Exam. McTaggart's Philo 
sense, n.      1925  Mind & its Place iv. 19 
sensum      1923  Sci. Thought viii. 240  
spatio-temporal,  a.     1923  Sci. Thought x. 403 Sci 
sufficient, a.  (adv., n.)     1923  Sci. Thought xiii. 499   
tele-     1962  Lect. on Psychical Res.  
teleological, a.     1930  Five Types of Ethical T  
tie, n.     1923  Sci. Thought ii. 75 Tak  
transience     1914  Perception ii. 105 Leib  
translational, a.     1923  Sci. Thought xi. 433  A  
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