[hist-analytic] Anscombe's Reference to Wittgenstein: "leaves."

steve bayne baynesrb at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 11 16:43:22 EST 2009

In Anscombe's _Intention_ there is reference to an account 
of a lecture by Wittgenstein. (_Intention_ (1957: 1963) Harvard.
Section 3, p. 6.)

I once saw some notes on a lecture by Wittgenstein in which
he imagined some leaves being blown about by the wind...

At first I thought this was in Moore's account of the lectures during
the 30s. But I don't think it's there. I was going to spend a while
looking through K. T. Fann, but that is laborious and maybe a waste
of time. If anyone knows the source of Anscombe's remarks, please
let me know. I have found a reference to a similar discussion of
EVERY point raised by this analogy in Reichenbach! 

I will be more active on the list soon. Matters of business have
been keeping me busy. My apologies.


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