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in memoriam J. Updike. 
Further to R. B. Jones's point re: -ive vs. ist, I see under 'reduce',  
defined in the OED, as "to resolve by analysis". One cite only:
    "I shall now endeavour to reduce the ripples to their  mechanical 
elements (Tyndale (1860), Glac. II, p. 299). 
Incidentally, I was right about Cicero! He tried to lay his hand on his  
beloveds, the Stoics: You see, the stoics have talked of "proegmena kai  
apoproegmena". Cicero, without delay, has that as implying a tacit 'agatha'  (neuter 
plural), rendered in Latin as 'bona' (neuter plural of 'bonum') and thus  the 
phrase above rendered as "producta et reducta" (bona) -- which Short/Lewis  (onli
ne Latin dictionary, OUP) have as: the  "things to be  preferred" 
[pro-egmena; pro-ducta] versus those  "things to be  deferred" -- The collocation 
appearing in "De Finibus",  5, 30, 90.
Browsing the Short/Lewis, I come across 'redux', which I've heard analytic  
philosophers use quite a bit, so went to OED and found two boring titles: (i)  
"Astraea Redux, being a poem on the happy restoration and return of His  
Sacred Majesty"(Dryden), (ii) "Phineas Redux" (Trollope) -- and one not so  boring 
and by the recently late author:
   "Rabbit redux" (J. UPDIKE), which I just turned  philosophical.
Reduxes are of various types. From Grice's 'Valediction', it would _seem_  as 
he is objecting to some kind of 'holistic' (alla Davidson/Quine) accounts of  
'meaning' -- at the same 'evidential' level than 'belief'. Indeed, 
Avramides's  D. Phil -- I keep referring to it as a D. Phil for I'm surprised MIT found 
it  commercial! -- has four longish chapters on 'symmetrical' versus 
'asymmetrical'  views of things. She concludes Davidson wins over Grice, in that what 
is  proposed is something that goes 'both' ways: from belief to meaning and 
from  meaning to belief. Grice would be _unimpressed_!

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