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Those of us who have spent  a lot of time
thinking about analytic philosophy do not justify our  lives
in terms of what we can say about, e.g., the semantics of  the
progressive in terms of Montague grammar -just to take one
example  (here begin with Cresswell). These very same people would
point you in the  general direction of Plato. Whatever else may 
be said about analytical  "types," most of us hold the Phaedo
very close to our hearts. 

---- So  well said.

Couldn't but smile (or laugh, even at your Montague grammar  example -- plus 
the biographical advice as to start with Cresswell.

But  indeed Alfred North Whitehead had it perfect when he said  it,

"Metaphysics -- Philosophy. What is it but mere footnotes to Plato".  And we 
don't want it _any_ different!



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