[hist-analytic] Aristotle De-Coded

Jlsperanza at aol.com Jlsperanza at aol.com
Fri Feb 20 20:24:21 EST 2009

I was inspired by S. R. Bayne's comments to the effect that
           G. E. M.  Anscombe
was, as he says, a 'character' (aren't we all?).
Then I came across (for the nth time) the well-known definition of 'grice'  
by Dennett. Now I see the 2008 edition is out. This one is interesting: 
code, v. To render unintelligible by substituting a literal translation.  
Hence code, n. the product of coding. "What he says about Aristotle sounds like  
code to me." (See also kripkography.)
But how much of analytic-philosophy has been merely 're-coded'. Don't get  me 
wrong, I live Alan Dodds, but he _can_ get carried away.
I never carry my code, though, for all I need, really, is Loeb.

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