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Another rpoint of contact:

"I always hated phenomenalism and  felt trapped by it. I couldn't see my way 
out of it but I didn't believe  it."

the wiki has Anscombe saying.

an addendum then, of  historical interest:

In "Prolegomena" Grice _also_ cites from  Wittgenstein's Philosophical 
Investigation. The example, as I recall,  

'a horse cannot look like a  horse'.

Now, I've always been interested in Grice's idea of implicature,  because he 
does confess that it came to him via studying the language of  perception.

I want to think that the trigger may well have been that  passage from 
Anscombe's Wittgenstein, then. Grice is delivering the William  James in 1967, and 
the Philosophical Investigations go back to 1955. Strawson  cites Grice in 
terms of 'implicature' (or 'implication') in 1952: footnote. So,  the Wittgenstein 
example may have _triggered_ what Grice had detected in perhaps  other 

Grice will like to say, of course, that a horse not  only can look like a 
horse, but ceteris paribus, _will_.

So, we see  different motivations. Anscombe says she fell in love with 
Witters as an  undergraduate at St. Hugh's, reading abstract things like -- to cite  

"Her interest in Wittgenstein's philosophy arose from reading the  Tractatus 
Logico-Philosophicus as an undergraduate: she claimed to have  conceived the 
idea of studying with Wittgenstein as soon as she opened the book  in 
Blackwell's and read section 5.53, 
             "Identity of object I express by identity of sign, 
              and not by using a sign for identity. Difference 
            of  objects I express by difference of signs." 
Oddly I opened other books at Blackwell -- nice sunny reading rooms in the  
first floor, with philosophy section too -- but found it slightly noisy to fall 
 in love with a piece of philosophical prose there!
I was amused that Anscombe didn't have German and Witters arranged for her  a 
stay in Vienna to that end. (to have German -- will travel). Some task!
I could never learn a language _by mandate_! It's ood, too, to learn that  
Witters constantly referred to Anscombe as "old man". Not so much from the  
'queer fellow' to use the Broadism direction of fit, but that _she_ ('the old  
man' -- very unfair) _bore_ the sobriquet. Imagine Grice calling me  "Daisy". 
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