[hist-analytic] Frrom AUNE: Analytic and A Priori

Bruce Aune aune at philos.umass.edu
Wed Mar 18 17:10:59 EDT 2009

I think you misunderstood my point about knowing that "I think" is  
true.  I did not mean I know this sentence is true by thinking, as I  
know "2 + 2 = 4" by thinking.  I meant that I know "I think" is true  
only because I am aware of some episode of thinking that I do-- 
because, to put it differently, I have experience of myself  
thinking.  This is what makes the knowledge a posteriori.  Of course,  
if you want to classify this knowledge as a priori, you may certainly  
do so; but that will be one place where our conceptions of a  
posteriori and a priori diverge.

Best, Bruce

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