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Here are some recent additions to the Hist-Analytic database. I would 
single out Pedro Amaral. His introduction to the Notre Dame Lectures
by Sellars is very much worth a careful look. The letter from Russell
is an important one on sense-data. The importance of Mach's work
needs no explanation. The piece by Eddington is, in my opinion, of
absolutely fundamental significance not only historically but for anyone
presently interested in mind and intentionality. The Huntington paper
is included because I like Huntington's work and there is a growing
demand for it. The Sellars book is available from

SPACE AND GEOMETRY (1901: Monist) by Ernst Mach

On Physiological, as Distinguished from Geometrical Space


On the Psychological and Natural Development of Geometry


Space and Geometry from the Point of View of Physical Inquiry


"Independent Postulates for the "Informal" Part of Principia 
Mathematica" by E. V. Huntington (Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society 1934)

Pedro Amaral's Introduction to Sellars' Notre Dame Lectures

Letter to the Editor of Journal of Philosophy: Bertrand Russell (1915)

"On the Importance of Logical Form?" Bertrand Russell (1938)
http://www.hist-analytic.org/RussellForm.pdf (1938)

Eddington's 'Two Tables' (1938) - Sir Arthur Eddington

Steven R. Bayne
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