[hist-analytic] Hume's Pitchfork

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Tue Mar 31 12:44:14 EDT 2009

Roger Bishop Jones: you don't have to take me seriously, but the image of  
Hume with the fork is becoming a memory (I'm using Humean terminology, 'idea of  
sensation', 'idea of memory', etc.).
--- The idea of dealing with metaphysics like that is all right for a  
positivist, but recall Cervantes in the 'condemning this or that book' to the  
flames. "No book is so bad that we cannot draw some good from it!".
--- And where is Lockean tolerance, when we need it?

Anyway, I'm not  familiar with colloquial uses of 'pitchfork' in English, but 
these quotes from  the OED may clarify my 'meaning'!
1854 J. LEECH Pict. Life & Char. 22 
Vowing that he will pitchfork Mr. B. if he comes ‘galloperravering’ over  
his fences. 
1890 F. W. O. WARD 'Twixt Kiss & Lip 499 
As long as the exploits of heroes are told..There is one, I am sure, that  
will never grow old, Of the hero who pitchforked the Devil. 
1900 Fort Wayne (Indiana) Evening Sentinel 17 Nov. 15/2 
He'd cut his fingers and pound his thumbs, and he'd swear that the man who  
made that stove-pipe should be pitchforked to death. 
2001 New Straits Times (Malaysia) (Nexis) 13 June 2 
The appearance at the very end of a women's detachment boasting of having  
pitchforked the enemy to death must rank among the most tactless, tasteless  
moments in all opera!
J. L. Speranza
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