[hist-analytic] Kenny: Aristotle on the Will

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Sat May 2 07:20:26 EDT 2009

I want to apologize for not replying to a number of 
private emails and postings. I will get to them in due
course. I am moving towards the conclusion of this
writing project, however, and some "end game" issues
remain outstanding.

One issue is this: I rely pretty heavily at some places
on Anthony Kenny's _Aristotle's Theory of the Will_.
Duckworth, 1979. It is the best extended treatment
I've seen. I'm not keen on Kenny's views on the nature
of the will, but his grasp of Aristotle is impressive.
If there is some appalling fact about this treatment that
I should know, someone -please - let me know.

I might add that in my "travels" I'm noticing a conspicuous
overlap of interests and ideas between Anscombe and
Kant. Kant, almost invisibly, "controls" much of what is
going on in James. I've been toying with the idea that
"causa noumenon" in Kant is transient causation, and that
a correct theory of the will include a mixed treatment,
one involving, also, imminent causation."Singularist" theories
have been proposed involving both. This is not essential to
the Anscombe project. Historically, Anscombe's take on
causation seems in many ways to be a reaction to Russell's
views in his earlier papers, involving as they do an assimilation
of law and cause - much discussed in the literature.


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