[hist-analytic] Metaphysics: Grice, Carnap, Aristotle

rh1 at york.ac.uk rh1 at york.ac.uk
Mon May 11 10:00:36 EDT 2009

No, R. Hall isn't reading the Metaphysics just now, though he did read all 
except the last two books, in Greek, in 1955/56.
  He was ill recently, and could not face a modern book. He remembered his 
favourite classics master saying to him that reading ten lines of Homer 
made him feel that all was right with the world. He also remembered the 
chap who was going to retire, who was asked by William Golding, "How's your 
Greek?" Golding explained that the thing to do in retirement was to read 
  So he got out the Iliad _Loeb edition conveniently, a la Speranza - and 
since then has read at least 20 lines a day; now he's in the middle of Book 
Five. He last read it in 1951 (the whole of Homer). The large vocabulary 
and wide variation in grammatical forms make it quite difficult, but the 
poetry, which he now appreciates better, is marvellous. The English is no 
substitute. He has every intention of going on through the 24 books.

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