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For the record: the exact link for Aristotle's Met. 1006a34 is, in the Ross 
 edn, Bk 7, Pt. 6 -- Sections 1-2. -- in R. B. Jones's pages that  is:


The  Greek reads as follows along with Ross's translation.
hoti men oun estin ho horismos ho TOU TI EN EINAI  logos, kai  TO  TI EN 
EINAI ê monôn tôn ousiôn estin ê malista kai prôtôs kai haplôs, dêlon.  
poteron de tauton estin ê heteron  TO TI EN EINAI  kai hekaston,  skepteon. esti 
gar ti pro ergou pros tên peri tês ousias skepsin: hekaston te  gar ouk allo
dokei einai tês heautou ousias, kai TO TI EN EINAI legetai einai  hê 
hekastou ousia.  epi men dê tôn legomenôn kata sumbebêkos doxeien an  heteron 
einai,  hoion leukos anthrôpos heteron kai TO LEUKOI ANTHROPOI  EINAI ei gar to 
auto, kai TO ANTHROPOI EINAI kai to leukôi anthrôpôi to auto: to  auto gar 
anthrôpos kai leukos anthrôpos, hôs phasin, hôste kai to leukôi  anthrôpôi 
kai to anthrôpôi: ê ouk anankê hosa kata sumbebêkos einai tauta, ou  gar 
hôsautôs ta akra gignetai tauta: all' isôs ge ekeino doxeien an sumbainein,  ta 
akra gignesthai tauta ta kata sumbebêkos, hoion to leukôi einai kai to  
mousikôi: dokei de ou: epi de tôn kath' hauta legomenôn ar' anankê tauto einai,  
hoion ei tines eisin ousiai hôn heterai mê eisin ousiai mêde phuseis heterai 
 proterai, hoias phasi tas ideas einai tines; ei gar estai heteron auto to  
agathon kai to agathôi einai, kai zôion kai to zôiôi, kai to onti kai to  

"Section 1."
"We must inquire whether each thing and its essence are the same or  
different." "This is of some use for the inquiry concerning substance; for each  
thing is thought to be not different from its substance,  and the essence  is 
said to be the substance of each thing."
Section 2.  "Now in the case of accidental unities the two would be  
generally thought to be different." "E. g. white man would be thought to be  
different from the essence of white man. 
          [leukos  anthropos]                  =/=           [to leukoi  
anthropoi einai]
lit.         white  man                                            to be a 
white man
white-man  being
"For if they are the same, the essence of man and that of white man are  
also the same."
[Cfr. 'white suprematism'!] 1981 Times 18 Mar. 8/6 "The Rustenburg  
constituency..represents some of its most far-right votes for white  supremacy"]
Aristotle/Ross goes on:
"For a man and a white man are the same thing, as people say,  so that  the 
essence of white man and that of man would be also the same." "But perhaps  
it does not follow that the essence of accidental unities should be the 
same as  that of the simple terms."
"ê ouk anankê hosa kata sumbebêkos einai tauta, ou gar hôsautôs ta akra  
gignetai tauta"
Right. But then is Aristotle saying that in the old-use of 'coloured' every 
 man has to be _coloured_. I would think so. In fact, my friends who 
describe  theirselves as 'white' I say, "don't you think _pink_ describes you 
better?" (I  narrow down 'white' to what _Diary of a Disappointed Man_ calls a 
'Tuke  boy')Oddly, the OED defines 'coloured', among other ways, as, "Having 
a skin  other than ‘white’" (This is _not_ analytic a priori alla "Nothing 
[not even The  Times] can be white and black and red all over"] (The first 
use for 'coloured'  (in this use) being (1611) but a colourful quote found in 
Mrs. Stowe: 1850 MRS.  STOWE Uncle Tom's C. xviii. 182 Among the coloured 
circles of New Orleans). 
Aristotle goes on:
>For the extreme terms are not in the same way identical with the middle  
term. But perhaps this might be thought to follow,  that the extreme terms,  
the accidents, should turn out to be the same, e.g.  the essence of white  
and that of musical; but this is not actually thought to be the case."
Exactly. But we do speak of _black_ music, though. ("jazz"). :). Oddly I  
was reading in a book in the series of Sexual Diversity edited by the 
University  of Sussex (of all the world's universities) that 'musical' (that some 
translate  as 'cultured') was once synonym with 'gay'! ("Are you musical?" 
Being a code  question. 
But surely some say I'm rambling and that the Metaphysics is complex enough 
 without us needing to tease about coloured and musical!
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