[hist-analytic] Aristotle's Metaphysics: The Izz and the Hazz

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Mon May 18 19:13:18 EDT 2009

And of course, what is perhaps Grice's greatest  inspiration from 
Aristotle's metaphysics is the account of _final cause_ (or  plain 'telos'). We 
should revise Aristotle's passages on that.

To me,  Grice came clearest in his Conception of Value (middle lecture) 
when he speaks,  of all things, of the tiger that  


--- I  would think that in the scheme of izz and hazz one is asking  

what  izz a tiger?

a thing that tigerises. It is on account of the _metier_ or  telos of the 
tiger that we build on 'ontological' postulates as to what the  tiger izz or 
merely hazz.

Surely he loved cats. But in "Reply to  Richards" he admits, "Charming as 
they are, cats won't do as pirotically  justified transubstantials" (or 
something). He proposes, instead, 'humans'.  

A 'human' _has_ a metier -- what the human izz. To become a _person_,  
where 'person' is now a technical term, almost, for 'rational human', I would  

Grice speaks a lot of 'pirots' (apres Carnap), since I would think  his 
programme was one of _applied_ or 'special' ontology (what he called  
'philosophical psychology'). 

It is with a view to finality, then, that  Aristotle's _categories_ assume 

They cease to be 'arbitrary' if  only in the sense of self-entrenched via 
constructive 'metaphysical'  routines...

Otherwise, it seems, it would be just a game -- not much  different from 
Austin's "Symbolo"!

But this is all so obscure that I'm  starting to sound like Marina Sbisa (*)

(*) See or rather read  her contribution in "Grice's Heritage". Bepols. (If 
you can, I mean, it's not  _essential_). 

J. L. Speranza

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