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"For if events were causes,  then a true description of some event would be 
'the cause of b', and, given that  such an event exists, it follows 
logically that the cause of b caused b."  (Davidson in Action and Events p. 150)


It struck me that Davidson would use "b" rather than "a":
          'the cause of b  caused b'
so after a quick search I see he is self-quoting p. 14, where he is  
  1.          'a causes  b'
   2.       a = the cause of  b
3. Therefore,          the  cause of b causes b
It's natural he'd use the _past_ (cfr. Grice, "Utterer _meant_ this and  
that"), for surely it's more difficult to check this things in the present. 
But  I loved S. Bayne's comment to the effect that
"that events are *defined* as what can occur in the relation 'before' or  
Now (3) Davidson describes as 'analytic', which _has_ to please Hume _and_  
R. B. Jones!

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