[hist-analytic] Aristotle-Grice-Code-Speranza-Jones: Chinese wispers on izz and hazz

Roger Bishop Jones rbj at rbjones.com
Tue Jun 2 16:18:10 EDT 2009

I have just done my monthly upload to rbjones.com.

This makes available for anyone interested my
work-in-progress on formalisation of aspects
of Aristotle's Logic and Metaphysics reaching
me via the Grice/Code/Speranza channel.

See: rbjones.com/rbjpub/pp/doc/t028.pdf
for the gory details.  Feedback welcome.

Other Aristotelian enhancements include:

The sixth volume of the Organon,
On Sophistical Refutations.
(I just realised a decade after putting it
up that I was missing a volume, discovered
while digging around in Robin Smith's web pages)

Also courtesy Robin Smith, the proper book names
(letters) for the Metaphysics.

Roger Jones

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