[hist-analytic] Davidson's Hume

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Sat Jun 13 18:27:18 EDT 2009

We are considering the status of
         c causes e
R. B. Jones:
>Having just read Strawson I think he would say, and I would  agree,
>that e having a unique cause is presupposed here and that  the
>sentence has the status of being true whenever it has a  truth
>value, but in many possible worlds lacking one.
>Though one  might very reasonably insist that in those cases it
>is false.

---- Exactly. If such cases exist. 
Oddly, the word 'ineffectual' is just as interesting here. Surely if there  
are effects which have no causes, there should be causes which have no  

1896 MRS. CAFFYN Quaker Grandmother 142 
"In everything she had become ineffectual. Work had lost its savour, prayer 
 its creative atmosphere."
1897 T. HODGKIN Chas. Gt. 90 
"Pope Stephen III., the Sicilian, a weak and ineffectual man."
1925 G. GREENE Babbling April 4 
"You snobbish intellectual, Suburban ineffectual, Can't you feel that  
shimmy in the air?"
I feel that writers _overuse_ (abuse) 'ineffectual'?
J. L. Speranza
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