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S. Bayne:
>I had no idea I would be putting [Dray's] book [Laws and Explanation in  
History, 1957] up.
>It occurred to me that a lot of the issues related  explaining human
>action "fit" some of the arguments that go back to  problems
>related to the covering law model.

And it was a good idea, even if you did not have it. Of course you  did.
Anyway, the OED credits Dray four times in the OED, and guess who I think  
may have been responsible (R. H.)
"1967 W. H. DRAY in P. Edwards Encycl. Philos. VI. 252/1 
   "Few philosophers of history can be classified without  qualification 
   as linear, cyclical, or chaos theorists."
I think in this case, if R. Hall it was, it was the motto, "Look for  
extra-ordinary words": linear, cyclical, or chaos'. 
I think St. Augustine was _linear_.
Nietzsche (and Empedocles) whom Borges loved -- doctrine of the eternal  
return --
   was cyclical. Being an Atheist, Borges was fascinated by the  cycle where
   Jesus Christ is crucified _ad aeternum_.
Ovid could be 'chaos': his account of the creation of the world out of mud  
is _chaotic_.
---- That encyclopaedia by Edwards is a masterpiece. I have found quotes on 
 Grice (e.g. his "Metaphysics" in Pears 1957 -- not cited elsewhere -- 
Hamlyn,  "Metaphysics" entry--. Also good stuff on Grice on personal identity 
(before  Perry had compiled it for his book).
The second cite is under

reconstructionist, n. and adj.   riven in W. H. Dray Philos.  Analysis & 
Hist. 255 T

This is more of a reference to Scriven (who has scriven this -- without  
Dray no).
1966 M. SCRIVEN in W. H. Dray Philos. Analysis & Hist. 255 The  difference 
between this analysis and the reconstructionist approach. 
The third quote is under
In this case it's Berlin -- who without Dray not:
1960 I. BERLIN in W. H. Dray Philos. Analysis & Hist. (1966) 13 
"In the case of an historical study, retrodictionfilling in gaps in the  
past for which no direct testimony exists with the aid of extrapolation  
performed according to relevant rules or laws."
Finally, but there's _Mailto:oed3 at oup.co.uk_ (mailto:oed3 at oup.co.uk)  -- 
since this is an  open-ended thing: the history of the English language!
Under "signalize"
it's a genial quote:
 1964 W. H. DRAY Philos. Hist. 53 
 "The willingness of the revisionists to apportion blame, however,  does 
not signalize a return to the sectional type of partisanship."
J. L. Speranza
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