[hist-analytic] Deliberation and Grammar

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Fri Jul 10 16:47:13 EDT 2009

On linguistic intentions: I can only intend to say what grammar permits. 
Grammar therefore circumscribes the limits of my linguistic intentions 
to this degree: I cannot utter ‘x’ with the intention of saying ‘y’ unless ‘y’ 
is a sentence and ‘x’ may be a set of, say, Chomsky-Halle features. 
But this is not to claim that I cannot have the intention to say what 
grammar does not allow is impossible, unless there is a grammar 
to thought. That there is would appear to be the prevalent view. But 
grammatical impossibility stands in relation to linguistic intentions 
as possibility of success stands in relation to deliberation about 
means for Aristotle. The parallels are not exact, but they are suggestive. 

Steve Bayne 
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