[hist-analytic] Deliberation and Grammar

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In my original posting on this, the idea was that I cannot utter something
which is ungrammatical with the intention of saying something that would 
be expressed by a grammatical sentence. 

You mention the idea of speaking an extentional language. I'm not sure,
exactly, what you have in mind, but the constructive point you raise, if
I've understood you correctly, raises the question of whether intensionality
is a necessary condition of intentionality. I don't think it is, but that is
because I believe there are mental verbs which are extensional. In fact,
I believe that the most fundamental mental relation, attention (broadly
construed), is not intensional! 

Apologies to JLS at this point for not getting to his posts first, but since
you contribute less frequently, I think he'll understand.

Hey, by the way, do any of you guys remember a fellow named Cornman.
He was a student of Sellars and dies prematurely, I believe. He was a
fascinating fellow, and a VERY hard worker. 

Nice to hear from you Danny.


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Hi Steve, 


Suppose someone is brought up in a
community that speaks an extensional language but he wants to start talking
about propositions, concepts, propositional attitudes and such like. Does he
not intend to say things that his grammar does not permit? 


And can we not imagine ourselves to be in
a similar situation. Someone may come up with a new idea that cannot be
expressed using our present grammatical constructions, so he intends to say
what our grammar does not permit. And could he not make himself understood, by
metaphors initially, no doubt, so that we all come to extend our grammar in new




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