[hist-analytic] Deliberation and Grammar

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I enjoyed Cornman, immensely. It has been many years since 
I read his book (green hardback as I recall). He wrote with Aunian 
lucidity. There was nothing pretentious, nothing held back. 
I've been thinking of him as a subject of historical curiosity on 
HIst-Analytic. He had passion for what he was doing, something 
sorely lacking today in my opinion. 



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Jim Cornman, whinme I met when I taught at Pitt and he there on a 
sabbatical visit, became a good friend of mine. Our families became 
quite close before he died in an accident on, I think, the Penn 
Turnpike. He was not a student of Sellars but of Chisholm; he did 
become interested in Sellars' philosophy, although he was generally 
critical of it. 

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