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there is a third category,  one
I think, Grice may have identified. Here intentions are concerned
with  doings but not making things happen in any obvious way.
Instead intentions  are linguistic having to to with "evocations" such
as the belief that I  uttered such and such with the intention that
my audience know....etc. This  is not a making; it is bringing into
being a belief by means of language.  

I loved that! But we _do_ speak of Make Believe!

or  perhaps more or less seriously

"You make me feel  so young" (Sinatra)

I would say that 'doing this or that' (by "uttering"  'x') brings about an 
effect indeed in the world.

In _my_ case, if I  say,

"It's raining"

I hope my  uttering will induce in my audience the belief (I believe that) 
it is raining;  and I WILL be concerned with my 'making-believe', for I want 
my addressee to  DISPLAY in her subsequent behaviour the 'necessary steps' 
(She grabs an  umbrella, for example)


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