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The only way forward is for him to  extend the current range of grammatical 
constructions; and this would naturally  be done by means of analogy or 
I'll let Steve replies your finest points -- but a note here and there that 
 may prove of interest.
In founding "Philosophical Eschatology" Grice mentions 'analogy' and  
'metaphor' as THE methods.
But I'm not sure your point is so _narrow_.
You seem to be inviting also the question of the well-formed  formulae:
is a well-formed formulae in the grammar of first-order predicate logic  
with identity.
What about
That seems to be something _otiose_ to say, if only because it's  
Or consider the connectives (Grice's forte)
p --> q
But instead, you utter
--> p q ---> q q p p --> --->
and add,
"That's a profound thought -- I wish you had the grammar to understand it.  
Surely your grammar that only allows for 'p --> q' is restricted in that  
I fear that sticking to 'analogy and metaphor' is solving the problem the  
EASY way. For we want to be able to express a 'thought' WITH the apparatus 
of  Frege's 'first-order predicate logic with identity'.
Or you think he was just playing with symbols -- and that you can change a  
conceptual scheme alla Davidson at a drop of a Popperian hat? 
Frege _devised_ the first-order predicate logic with identity because,  
after arduous deliberations with himself and other philosophers -- e.g.  
Aristotle, Leibniz, etc -- we decided it is _The_ Logic of Thought!
Oddly, I found 18 cites for Anscombe in The OED but all referring to her  
work as "tr. Wittgenstein, 1953, Phil. Inv'"
This possibly played with Anscombe in an interesting way philosophically.  
It would be as irritating as to think that J. L. Austin should only be  
remembered (as some think he would not) as the tr. of Frege's Grundlagen der  
Arithmetik (which he, like Anscombe, also did for Blackwell -- even if not, 
like  Anscombe, in a dual-language edition).
What a genius, Frege.
J. L. Speranza
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