[hist-analytic] Philosophy of Perception: Oxford Style

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Good that B. Aune agrees with D. Frederick -- I  love an argument. I have
since composed "A logician's landscape" and of course  in our discussions of
the _best_ of Oxford philosophy we should never forget the  interactions of
B. Aune when visiting the dreaming spires, and his  first-experience with
Grice and the playgroup (or what was left of it, after  Austin's demise).

Chapman makes a bit about the death of Austin. I wonder  if it shocked
Grice to _learn_ that the man was dying. Apparently it was all  very sudden. I
wonder for how long before Austin died Grice knew. I would have  been
devastated to _learn_!

---   (And S. Bayne -- thanks for  the tidbit about the 'nasty' note by G.
E. M. A. to the student -- and don't you  doubt! Anscombe is LOVING you from
Heavens Above for the work you've done with  her!)


Of course the title provocative of _this_ post. No,  there is _no_ Oxford
style, really, and I'm sure what Warnock/Grice and others  were doing was
possibly having analogues elsewhere, notably inspired to  'challenge' some of
Ayer's dogmatisms in "Empirical Theory of  Knowledge"

In the case of Roxbee Cox -- I'll systematise him as  'post-Gricean' even!

J. W. Roxbee Cox

I feel that my  previous was in a too familiar tone. I apologise for that.
In any case, after  a quick search about "Harold Cox" -- in an online
"Oxford Made Me", I read about  him. Born in Glasgow, took his life.
A fascinating character as that online  link reads.

So this as a re-consideration of J. Roxbee Cox -- who I till  today, I
guess -- thought was the "Cox" cited by Owen in the obit. of  Ryle.

Some info on Jeremy W. Roxbee Cox then:

He is cited by  Sibley -- (a great author -- his papers now publ. by
Clarendon along with a  festschrift or memorial volume).

COX, J. R. W. "Distinguishing the  Senses"-- Mind, 1970.
citing Grice  1962.

-- cfr. Grice, "Some remarks about  the senses" -- in Butler,  1962
Coady, "The sense of Martians" (citing Grice 1962)

I should try a search  in the Philosopher's Index to get the detail of the
J. W. R. Cox peace in the  Sibley but I'm sure he cites Grice (1961) and it's
 about the 'causal' theory of  perception.

JSTOR: Perception: A Philosophical Symposium.
The conditions Cox adds are more complex, but the main work is done by  ..

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