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>>But it seems to imply that a
>>concept is categorial  only if it has instances
>Oops. R. B. Jones should help us here since he is the expert of  vacuity!

I'm touched that you think me expert in nothing.

As far as Aristotle is concerned I'm still a novice, and the
notion of a categorial concept has not yet come up.
We have these two kinds of predication (essential and accidental)
which involve "terms", which, if Aristotle's syllogistic logic
is to be sound cannot be empty.
However syllogistic reasoning is not sound (it seems) for
accidental (or inter categorial) predication anyway so its not
clear how much weight one can place on Aristotle's logic
when considering his metaphysics.

>>(and perhaps is also
>>fundamental in some way).
>Yes, 'fundament' is a good one. Even for continentals. Wasn't it Husserl
>who dreamed of a philosophy without presuppositions? grundlos, I think his
>word  was?
>>And behind this lies a picture: ontological
>>categories (which  exist out there in the real world)

There is only one category of substance.
Do the others exist out there (rather than merely being
instantiated out there)?

>well, as R. B. Jones would say,
>only an obble IZZES.
>We wouldn't say that the 'whiteness' (QUALITY) of the object exists, or
>that the 'in-between' in which it finds itself with another obble (RELATION)
>exists, or that if there is another obble the the TWO exist (QUANTITY) and
>that  if it's picturesque, its picturesqueness exist (MANNER).
>It's the "tode ti" of Aristotle-Code-Grice that exists. The particular
>individual spatio-temporal continuant.
>"Individuals exist", as Strawson would say -- hence his choice of title for
> the book, I hope.

But the individuals include individual attributes (e.g. whiteness).
If you don't want whiteness to be "out there" then you have to
stick to particulars (individual substances).


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