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R. B. Jones wrote in ¨Re: A Scientist´s Landscape¨, (should recheck
number of post, but this was some time ago):

"The Grice paper does provide Plato at third or fourth hand, since its
Code's presentation of Aristotle's account of Plato's metaphysics (as
well as his own). However, I have still not understood most of what
Code actually says, and don't understand the detail of what his formal
material is trying to say about the relationship between Plato and

I would think the Code formalisation -- for which we need of course a
"Grice De-Coded" (stay tuned) allows basically to answer the question
of 'universalia' (do properties exist? etc.) I found it of interest,
having had to read Jaeger´s doctrine of the early "platonist"
Aristotle, that the izzing and the hazzing actually allows us to delve
rather deeply into the subtleties of what distinction between
"Aristotelian" and "Platonist" may amount to.

It always amused me that, when studying about the history of philosophy
there´s this boring bunch, led by Cudworth, of the Cambridge platonist,
who may, I think, have an influence on the metaphysical (boring) poets
such as Donne, etc. On the other hand, to be Aristotelian (and Oxonian,
on top) was tops -- The Aristotelian Society was founded in London for
the gentleman with a degree in "Greats" (Lit. Hum.) who would find it
relaxing to converse on Aristotle down from Oxford -- and withou
t the
pressure of a paper to give!


J. L. Speranza

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