[hist-analytic] Armstrong/Heathcote

steve bayne baynesrb at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 25 16:48:07 EDT 2009

Just a quick note for those who are familiar with Heathcocote and Armstrong
"Causes and Laws" Nous, 1991, pp. 63-73. It looks like they've neglected
the issue of epistemic counterparts in fashioning an argument parallel to the
one Kripke makes us of in the case of 'water = H20'. In addition, there
is a problem here in treating identity statements involving sequences analogously.
I might have something to say on this if anyone has worked on this.

They address Anscombe on Davidson on singularist theories of causation.
Good paper; closely argued but flawed in ways I never would have suspected;
both are good philosophers, very good. Australia continues to dominate the
world of philosophy, or so it seems to me.

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