[hist-analytic] Omission and Action

steve bayne baynesrb at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 28 16:46:38 EDT 2009

I have a number of things to say about omissions in the book. Here are two sentences from that discusson. 

"We feel the compulsion, at some point, to ask:
what must be added to an event that never happened in order to make it an
omission?  An omission, unlike a bodily
movement which had it happened would have been just that, viz. a bodily
movement, is such a nonoccurrence of an event that had it occurred would have been intentional. Omissions
constitute a special class, or category, although Anscombe may be right to
criticize Davidson on this matter, no one, including Anscombe, has presented a
satisfactory theory concerning its nature."

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