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Yes, I second Ron's request. I think J.L. means Armstrong, right, J.L? 
Armstrong is a fine philosopher. _A World of States of Affairs_ is a work 
I frequently disagree with, but it's thought provoking to say the least; much 
influenced by the sort of thing D. Lewis was up to. 

A word on Hampshire: I've been a bit negative on Thought and Action. Was 
he in a lazy period when he wrote it? I read it standing on one foot, so to 
speak. But his work on Spinoza which I read years ago was a very fine 
work; very good! 


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A bit of clarification in your last sentence? Do you mean "I met 
Armstrong....", or is there a sex-identity mixup?? 
Ron Barnette 

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S. Bayne refers to Heathcocote & Armstrong, 


¨"the case of 'water = H20'." 

"Australia continues to dominate the world of philosophy." 

I met Anscombe and call me South American, but he just looks, sounds, 
and behaves like your common or garden regular ´Anglo´ to me -- but 
then whenever I meet an Australian I misjudge him to be Cockney! 
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