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I did meet Armstrong, thank you! I recall he was lecturing finely on,
of all things, facts and events. It sounded all pretty Davidsonian to
me, and since it was a seminar type thing, with audience participation,
I did recall he elicited from me the definition of an ´event´ as a
´time-consuming fact´. His approach looked strictly Humean and
atomistic, but fun. I had been familiar with Armstrong´s views in the
less cited paper on "Meaning and Communication", where he considers
seriously the belief-condition on intention. In views like his, Humpty
Dumpty cannot really mean, ¨There´s a knockdown argument for you,
Alice", when he utters, ´glory´ -- nor can he mean that Alice should
keep his contributions short by uttering "Impenetrability". I entitled
a paper "Dumpty´s Impenetrability" that was published in, of all
places, a rather unknown journal called "Jabberwocky" (published at
Luton, Beds), where I suggest that even if Dumpty cannot mean this or
that, if Armstrong is right, you still cannot have a communicative
omelette without breaking an egg (or two). JL Speranza

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A bit of clarification in your last sentence? Do you mean "I met
Armstrong....", or is there a sex-identity mixup??
Ron Barnette

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S. Bayne refers to Heathcocote & Armstrong,


¨"the case of 'water = H20'."

"Australia continues to dominate the world of philosophy."

I met Anscombe and call me South American, but he just looks, sounds,
and behaves like your common or garden regular ´Anglo´ to me -- but
then whenever I meet an Australian I misjudge him to be Cockney!

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