[hist-analytic] Analytic Philosophy: Oxonian Varieties

Bruce Aune aune at philos.umass.edu
Mon Aug 10 08:02:36 EDT 2009

I never knew McKeon, though I saw him at Western Division APA meetings  
in the early 60's.  I heard a lot about him, however, from people at  
Minnesota, who were very critical of him.  I can imagine Carnap not  
wanting to approve a thesis on an argument that the thesis-writer  
could not competently evaluate.  When I was a student of Carnap's and,  
indeed, throughout my teaching career, I was a strong advocate of  
making the history of philosophy a large component of philosophical  
education.  I can still see its relevance to serious philosophical  
work, but I now regret that I spent so much time on it.  I would have  
been better served, I think, if I had spent more time on mathematics  
and physics.  In spite of this. I continue to spend an inordinate  
amount of time translating  Plato's Greek!


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