[hist-analytic] The Character of Rudolf Carnap

Bruce Aune aune at philos.umass.edu
Wed Aug 12 16:17:53 EDT 2009

I think Danny ought to provide more information in support of what (a)  
his change against Carnap is and (b) what his evidence is.  Was Carnap  
supposed to be guilty of both "obstruction" and "plagiarism" in regard  
to Popper?  The latter seems preposterous to me, and I don't  
understand what the other entails.  Is there is suggestion that Carnap  
was anti-Semitic?  If so, the charge is off the wall.  And just what  
is the evidence Danny has in mind?  What was said in the letter  
between Mrs Carnap and Mrws Hempel?  And why did Carnap supposedly say  
that Popper was not "fit to teach in an American university"?  To what  
did the fitness pertain?  I'd like to know a lot more about all this.


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