[hist-analytic] The Character of Rudolf Carnap

Danny Frederick danny.frederick at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Aug 12 16:36:35 EDT 2009

Hi Bruce,

I am afraid I can offer no more, except a word of interpretation. Bartley
says no more about the issue in the book I referred to. But I think it is
clear from the quotation that he is accusing Carnap of obstruction, not
plagiarism ('The first can already be seen...'); and that the obstruction
took the form of a refusal to aid Popper's escape from Nazism. Bartley does
not quote from the wives' correspondence, he just refers to it.

I am not endorsing what Bartley says. As I said, I was merely presenting a
dissenting view. But I am an admirer of Bartley's work and I am trusting him
to give an honest report of what is in the relevant correspondence (to which
I do not have access).

I'd like to know more about it too!



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