[hist-analytic] Hist-Analytic: H. H. Price's Hume's Theory of the External World

Roger Bishop Jones rbj at rbjones.com
Thu Aug 27 05:13:19 EDT 2009

I have just come back to hist-analytic after some distractions,
to discover:

On Sunday 23 August 2009 22:38:21 steve bayne wrote:
>Hist-Analytic is pleased to announce an addition to its existing data-base.
>This time we add one of the most lucid and imaginative discussions of Hume
> ever. It is:
>by H. H. Price

I am not aware of having read Price at all, but after only a
couple of pages I am delighted by his attitude to the history
of philosophy.

I commend to hist-analytic subscribers that attitude towards
Carnap which Price suggests in relation to Hume.


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