[hist-analytic] "Intentions, Entrainment, and Pseudo-Processes"

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About a year ago when I decided to focus most of my energy on the Anscombe 
book, I set aside a larger ms in progress on the metaphysics and ontology 
of mental actions, volitions, and intentions. I had finished what was in effect 
an introduction to the topic I was investigating. I've decided to put this up on 
the list. It is dated in the sense that the comments on Davidson have become 
much more closely argued but clearer, and the nature of pseudo-processes 
has now become sharper also, particularly in light of some thoughts I've had 
on David Bohm and Pribram; Bohm in particular. When the Anscombe is finished 
(and I am now doing the text editing) this larger ms will be put together. 

So if you are interested in: 

"Intentions, Entrainment, and Pseudo-Processes" 

go to: 



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