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Mon Sep 28 11:42:49 EDT 2009

Bruce Aune An Empiricist Theory of knowledge is now in paperback! 

It can be viewed and purchased at: 


This may seem like an ad, but it isn't. I'll be discussing Aune's book very soon. I'm about finished with the first chapter but have to write stuff up. Take note of Aune treatment of David Lewis on knowledge. Don't worry about reading the Lewis article if you haven't already. Bruce's account is much better than Lewis's of Lewis's theory. However there is one thing I would suggest upon first reflection. 

The way Lewis defines knowledge looks to me to rely heavily on Kripke's notion of an epistemic counterpart. Ask yourself the following question: Can I be said to know p iff all epistemic counterparts of p in which p is false are ruled out. This "ruling out" is the heart of the issue; but let me look a bit more before stating my view. Also, there is much to discuss of a metaphilosophical nature w.r.t 'knows'. More later. 


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