[hist-analytic] Hector Neri Castaneda and Guatemalan analytic philosophy of language

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for  incoming students of S. American origins Hector-Neri Castaneda was a 
model of  taking the initiative and was a colorful interesting guy with the 
power to  inspire. 
Good, but recall the brain drain. How good is it that a Guatemalan, or  
Nicaraguan or whatever, philosopher, makes it to the North (North of the Rio  
Grande, of course) and forgets his roots?
How much of his influence is felt in GUATEMALA?

As an Argentine, I get the feeling. I distinguish between two types of  
Argentine analytic philosophers:
   1. Myself
   2. Others
I'll start with others. They lack originality! Just joking! But seriously,  
it's good to compare myself with others. Consider my interest in Grice. 
"Yankees  go home", I was told, ignoring that Grice was from Harborne, in 
Warwickshire.  Okay, 'gringo' by South of the Rio Grande standards!
My mentors I regard as OTHERS. Take Rabossi. He was Argentine educated (as  
a lawyer!), then became student of Strawson at, of all places, Duke. He 
failed  (Rabossi did) to get his DPhil Oxon, but that's life.
Or consider Marcelo Sabates, a student of Rabossi. He got his first degree  
from the Univ of Buenos Aires, and his PhD under Wang at Brown. Does he 
qualify  (Sabates), as an Argentine philosopher? I find, and not out of envy, 
that those  philosophers -- of Argentine origin -- who get their 'maximal 
degree' in a  furrin institution should NOT count as Argies!
(It is as if Gaugin, the painter, had graduated from the Slade!)
Or consider Rodrigo Pereyra (author of a book with OUP). Fresh with his  
first degree from the hills of Cordoba, where he hails from, he gets a Brit  
Council sponsored stay in Cambridge (under Mellor) and becomes an "Anglo"  
I'm less sure about Castaneda. Maximal degrees is what count.
My friend Larry Tapper says, "Maximal degrees are granted by St. Peter,  
upon entering Heaven, so what are you talking about?" 
I'm talking about agnosticism, that's what I'm talking about
J. L. Speranza
   Argentine Society for Philosophical Analysis
    Calle Bulnes, Buenos Aires.
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