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I think is the title of an essay by Horn, he told me, echoing a westerner,  
and Witters, we know, loved them.
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But Witt  was dogmatic in making this claim; he offered no argument  to 
support this bizarre assertion: he simply affirmed that the language-game  we 
play with "meter" does not allow either affirmation (that it is or that it  
is not).
In a way, it parallels my "Paying Paul to Rob Peter". 
In the polemic Strawson/Grice, Strawson was (they are both dead now so we  
can safely use the past tense) adamant in assuming truth-value gaps.
Grice was confused and somewhat infuriated with that. "The king of France  
is not bald" is true, for Grice, with no king of France in view. For 
Strawson,  it was truth-value gappy.
Ditto, "The meter stick is one meter long" would be a perfectly true thing  
for me to say. But perhaps Grice's and my language games are easier to play 
than  Witters's and Strawson's.
J. L. Speranza
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