[hist-analytic] Aune and the meter stick

Bruce Aune aune1 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 27 14:59:13 EDT 2009

I think Roger will have to focus his criticism more directly on the  
argument I offered.  Let me state it this way:
Rod r is before us.
1.  Let L be the length r now has, whatever that length may be  
(stipulation for meaning of "L").
2. ∀x(L sub m (x) = 1 iff x has L)   (stipulation for "Length in  
meters for x = 1")
3.  L sub m (r) = 1 iff r has L. (from 2, UI)
4.  r has L (from 1: L is the length r now has).
5. L sub m(r) = 1 (conclusion of a priori derivation).
6. It is not necessary that r has L: it would have a different length  
under contingently different circumstances,
7. It is not necessary that L sub m (r) = 1 (from 3and 2)

I can't see anything objectionable with this argument.


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