[hist-analytic] Aune and the meter stick

Bruce Aune aune1 at verizon.net
Wed Oct 28 08:12:12 EDT 2009

Roger says, "So you think there are propositions which are analytic  
but contingent. In this you disagree not only with me, but also with  
Carnap and Kripke!"

I do disagree, I think, with Carnap, who, so far as I know, did not  
consider the meter stick example, but I disagree with Kripke only  
verbally.  Kripke said (somewhere in "N of N") that he restricts  
analytic truths to those known a priori, but he indicated that this is  
an arbitrary restriction that he would not insist upon. I think of  
analytic truths pretty much as Carnap did, but unlike him (so far as I  
know) I have thought about the novel case of the meter stick, which  
Kripke was the first to think of. I am confident that if Carnap  
thought of it, he would agree.  His loyal student David Kaplan has  
never (to my nowledge) expressed any doubt about it.


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