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I've added the following to the data base. Sorry for cross postings. 


Foundations of Empirical Knowledge by A. J. Ayer 

Pt. 1 

1. The Argument from Illusion 


Pt. 2 

2. The Characterization of Sense Data 


Pt. 3 

3. The Egocentric Predicament 

4. Causailty and Perception 


Pt. 4 

5. The Consititution of Matter 


Aristotle's Syllogistic by JanLukasiewicz 

Pt. 1. 

1. Elements of the System 

2. Theses of the System 


Pt. 2 

3. The System 

4. Aristotle's System in Symbolic Form 



Pt. 3 

5. The Problem of Decision 

6. Aristotle's Modal Logic of Propositions 


Pt. 4 

7. The System of Modal Logic 

8. Aristotle's Modal Syllogistic 




Analysis Situs by Oswald Veblen 

Pt. 1 

1. Linear Graphs 

2. Two-Dimensional Manifolds 

3. Complexes and Manifolds of n Dimensions 

4. Orientable Manifolds 


Of Julian Schwinger it has been said: 

"Schwinger was one of the most important and influential 

scientists of the twentieth century. The list of his 

contributions is staggering, from his early work leading 

to the Schwinger action principle, Euclidean quantum field 

theory, and the genesis of the standard model, to later 

valuable work on magnetic charge and the Casimir effect." 


Hist-Analytic is pleased to announce that heretofore unpublished 

material on philosophy by Prof. Schwinger is now being made 

available for the first time. This has been made possible by 

the exceptional generosity of Stefan Baumrin who has been 

very helpful to Hist-Analytic and, by extention, students of 

philosophy of science world wide. 




Steven R. Bayne 

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