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Ron Barnette rbarnett at valdosta.edu
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Hi Steve,

I've been following this discussion, and wondered the same things that you
asked! Thanks for posting the questions. While not a fan of qualia (as you
might have guessed from earlier communication a la Dennett), the question of
what is color seems quite apt in the context of clarification on your
current discussion. 


Ron Barnette




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In responding to your position on the "two color problem" I need to know

what you mean by a "determinate color," which is at the heart of your



Also, what do you take a color to be. If you mean a qualia or some such

that is one thing; if you mean something like "that property which causes

an object to be seen as (e.g.) yellow under standard circumstances" that

is VERY different. We are talking about one thing being two colors

all over. So what is a color on your view. That is essential to where

I go from here. Also, the business about determinate  colors. I don't think

there are any, but you appear to. What are they?





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