[hist-analytic] In Defense of a Third Dogma

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There is a very good exchange between Rawls and Habermas. Rawl's lengthy 

reply is very instructive. Habermas has a good grasp of the big picture; a little 

less understanding of the details; still, he is very good at what he does, or did (?). 

I won't comment just now on much of what you said since it concerns "Two Dogmas" 

and we will no doubt get to that as we continue; once, that is, I get past this business 

of two colors. I'm dwelling on it a bit because it brings together different ways of 

doing philosophy in viewing a single problem. Often these problems are "theory 

internal." These are usually problems that in the big picture require a high aptitude 

but seldom result in significant insights with respect to the larger problems of 

"general philosophy." One example might be free logics. I might be taking a closer 

look at this, but diddling with free logics, to me, is like fiddling while Rome burns. 

Nevertheless, if I had a hundred years more to live, I'd probably play around with this. 

It's interesting and related to that meter stick in Paris stuff, as I'll note in a future 




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One day I met Habermas in Buenos Aires, and I told him, "What you do is Grice, but in German". He wasn't impressed, but I was myself nicely impressed when I found out that my own paper (called "German Grice: Reading Habermas Reading Grice") he (Habermas) cared to include in his "Pragmatics of Communication" (MIT -- reference list). 

For Habermas there is a 'warranty claim' as it were. Talk of warranty claims can go over the top. As D. Frederick taught me, a lot of these Dummettian emphasis on warranty claims (assertability claims) makes you feel that you are talking about your right to use a public toilet! 

But that need _not_ be so. It is true, as Jones notes, that there is no 'semantic' link between a claim 


'rigid' to my Aunt Matilda -- she finds it a rude lexeme out of her 'repertoire'! 


JL Speranza 

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