[hist-analytic] Kripke on the A priori and A posteriori

Roger Bishop Jones rbj at rbjones.com
Fri Nov 13 17:11:20 EST 2009

On Wednesday 11 November 2009 16:00:52 Baynesr at comcast.net wrote:

> ... what do you take a proposition to be?

I use proposition to mean the meaning of a sentence in some language given 
sufficient context to disambiguate the sentence.
It doesn't matter for my arguments exactly what a proposition is and I allow 
that to be language specific, but it is essential for the concept of 
analyticity as defined by carnap that propositions fully encompass all that is 
determinate about the truth conditions of the sentence in the relevant 
context.  This includes the domain of the truth conditions, i.e. the relevant 
notion of possible world (which also I allow to be language specific for 
present purposes).


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