[hist-analytic] Run with the Hare, Hunt with the Hounds?

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I read from D. F. Pears's obit in The Independent:
"J.L. Austin had his Saturday morning "kindergartens," in which David  
participated, as he did in A.J. Ayer's Tuesday evenings."
So yet another sobriquet's for Grice's "playgroup", or "the  class for all 
those whose classes have no members" -- the  'kindergartens'.
Some caveats:
1) As G. E. L. Owens says in his obit. of Ryle in the Aristotelian  
Society, _after_ Austin died, Grice continued with the 'kindergartens', so it's  
unfair to see these as mainly Austinian in nature.
2) I once had Sir Stuart Hampshire granting me of the existence -- I  have 
it in published form! -- of an "old playgroup" and a "new playgroup". You  
see, Hampshire had attended both what I called the old playgroup (with Austin 
 and Ayer on Tuesday evenings at All Souls) AND, "less frequently, but  I 
would dine with Grice often at his college", the 'new playgroup'. In a  tape 
that S. Chapman transcribed for the gossipy entre nous, Grice  confessed 
that he never attended the old playgroup's Tuesday evening  meetings because he 
had been "brought up on the wrong side of the tracks".  And he was! (I 
mean, if he said so).
3) So, this Pears attending BOTH the Tuesday evening meetings at  Freddie's 
AND the kindergartens with J. Langshaw seems to me like the  veritable 
J. L. Speranza
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